Kansas City Man Shoots, Stabs Neighbor's Dog While Children Play Outside (Photos)


Kansas City, Missouri, officials cited a man on April 15 who was accused of stabbing his neighbor’s dog and shooting it with a pellet gun in their backyard while children watched.

Jimmie Evans, 80, was cited on suspicion of misdemeanor animal abuse for the incident, which occurred on April 1, reports KSHB. Jan Ballard, the mother of the woman whose family owns 7-year-old Nizmo, said Evans stabbed the dog with a stake before shooting him. Ballard said Nizmo's stomach was sliced open and began bleeding heavily, causing him to ultimately lose half of it and suffer a lacerated spleen that required stitches.

Evans told police that he shot the dog because it wouldn’t stop barking and needed to be silenced.

“I don't leave animals out and let animals bark all day. I think that's gross. I think it's not fair,” Evans told KCTV5. “I don't think it's right to abuse an animal by leaving it to bark all day.” The man said he wished he had contacted animal control earlier about the constant barking. “I let it go too long. I should have done something a long time ago.”

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Ashley Macken, Ballard’s daughter and Nizmo’s owner, said her family later found out that their beloved dog had been shot once before. “They said he had actually been shot once before that. We did not know,” she said.

Because of the extent of Nizmo’s injuries, the family must change his diet and watch him closely. Despite the injuries, Macken said Nizmo is a fighter and has been getting better every day. "He pulled through. He's pretty tough. He's a kisser. He likes to kiss, and he wasn't doing any of that. That was pretty upsetting,” she said.

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Animal control officers issued a cruelty citation to Evans, who now faces a potential fine of $1,000 and up to 180 days in jail.

Sources: KSHB, KCTV5

Photo Credit: The Macken Family Via KCTV5.com 


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