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Kansas Board of Education Member Steve Roberts Defends Using N-Word (Video)

Kansas Board of Education member Steve Roberts used the "N-word" at a school board meeting in April, after falsely claiming the racial insult had been "outlawed in New York."

According to, New York City passed a "symbolic resolution" that was a "non-binding measure" in 2007 asking New Yorkers to "voluntarily" stop using the N-word.

"And so, if I were to use it clinically, I would almost use a test to see what the effect on Twitter would be," Roberts said. "You know, ‘That Roberts guy said n*gger at the state school board meeting, and he said it as, it’s probably the ugliest word in our vocabulary.’ It’s an ugly repugnant absolutely horrific word that we should rise above. But I did get it out there and I appreciate the opportunity to do it in a politically correct setting."

As noted by, Roberts told Rev. Ben Scott (who is African-American) at the April school board meeting that "we have to push the frontiers of political correctness and do what’s right" by using the "N-word" because Martin Luther King Jr. used the word in his 1963 “Letter from Birmingham Jail."

What Roberts failed to mention is that King used the "N-word" in “Letter from Birmingham Jail” when quoting racists, not to describe black people himself.

During this past Tuesday's board meeting, Rev. Scott and others criticized Roberts' use of the N-word, but he still stood by his remarks, reports the Topeka Capital-Journal.

“I did my best to say the ‘N-word’ clinically," boasted Roberts. "... I’m willing to be considered politically incorrect … I don’t think that’s a bad thing."

Source:, Topeka Capital-Journal,


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