Kansas 8-Year-Old Steers Passed-Out Mom to Safety on Busy Highway

Abby Porter kept a cool head when her mom passed out behind the wheel on a busy highway while driving her to school. The 8-year-old from Kansas grabbed the wheel and began steering them to safety.

"I thought I was trying to panic and then I got the idea to grab the steering wheel," Abby told WIBW.

Abby thought to drive the car to her dad’s house—when a police car came up behind her.

"As I got beside the vehicle it looked like a female driver passed out having a medical emergency and a female juvenile female steering the vehicle from the passenger console side area," said Galena Police Dept. officer Jimmy Hamilton.

Officer Hamilton knew something was wrong seeing Abby’s mom, Shelly, slumped over the wheel. He asked Abby if she could stop the car.

"He asked me if I could put it in park; I said I don't know how," said Abby.

So he told the brave 8-year-old that she should bump into his car in order to stop.

“I never saw her cry," Hamilton said. 'It was just the expression on her face and the tone of her voice, you could tell she was scared. But she stayed with it."

Hamilton put his car in front of the SUV, "and she just steered right into my rear bumper, and I started applying slow pressure on my breaks until both vehicles stopped."

Emergency crews arrived after the car was successfully halted and brought Abby’s mom to the hospital.

The police department will honor Hamilton with a plaque for his calm and courageous actions.

"That officer did a perfect job," said Police Chief Larry Delmont.

The family is grateful for both Officer Hamilton and Abby's quick thinking. 

"Very thankful the good Lord was on the situation and angels were beside those two," said Roger Porter, Abby's dad.

For her part, Abby was eager to get to school.

"Because I wanted to take my spelling test and tell them everything was okay," said Abby.

Sources: Daily Mail, WIBW


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