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Kalyn Pennygraph, 3, Falls from Carnival Ride and Receives $80k for Her Suffering

A three-year-old girl who fell from a carnival ride will receive almost $80,000 from the carnival operator after she received a concussion.

Kalyn Pennygraph was three when she got on the Techno Jump ride at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo last March. She slipped under a restraint and fell off the ride. The incident was caught on tape.

Shaniea Pennygraph, Kalyn’s mother, filed a lawsuit against Ray Cammack Shows, the operator of the carnival. Pennygraph wanted compensation for medical care, physical pain, and mental anguish as well as current and future physical impairment.

The case was settled on Monday.

Kalyn will get payments worth at least $50,000 during her college years and $27,500 to cover medical expenses and attorney fees.

Kalyn boarded the ride with her brother, and her mother watched below. As the ride spun, her mother saw Kalyn fall out of the restraints and fall eight feet.

She was supposedly tall enough to ride the Techno Jump, but the ride has since enforced stricter height requirements.

Now, the ride requires those too short to ride to be accompanied by an adult over the age of 16.

Days after her fall, a video of it was uploaded by a person watching the ride, and Kalyn’s tumble is only partially visible at the edge of the frame.

“It was a very scary-looking piece of video. We are just thankful that this young lady was not more injured. It boils down to a three-year-old not knowing what to do and was probably scared to death,” Chief Operating Officer Leroy Shafer said.

Luckily, Kalyn only sustained a concussion and facial bruising.

Authorities said Kalyn fell from the ride after she tried to get back to her mother.

“We now know more definitely at what point she came out,” Shafer said after viewing the video.

The Techno Jump ride is suited with three-seat cars, which have lap belts and a restraining bar.

It is unknown whether the girl slipped under both restraints or if she freed herself from the belt before jumping.



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