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Kaley Cuoco Fires Back at Kelly Rippa for 'Pit Bull' Comment

A blogger posted on October 9, “Kelly Ripa, from earlier today: ‘But the gangster’s dog is, uh, I mean if it’s a gangster it would have to be a dangerous, uh, Pit Bull kind of dog, right?’

The daytime TV co-host reportedly was inundated with thousands of tweets and e-mails reprimanding her and accusing her of causing Pit Bulls not to be adopted because of her careless comment.

Kaley Cuoco of“Big Bang Theory”tweeted, according to,“Ok I’m NOT in a war w @KellyRipa. We are friends for years and I adore her! just have a severe luv 4 my global pitbull fam and owners!

Kelly’s remarks have reportedly also made her a target of accusations that her comments might cause someone to act out against Pit Bulls

But people do not commit such heinous acts just because of comments by celebrities or posts on blogs. The urge to harm helpless creatures—including both pets and humans—comes from a much deeper sadistic need for power and control by torture or killing, experts on the link between animal/human cruelty tell us.

This reminds us that ALL dogs must be kept safe. That means not allowing them to accept food or water from strangers and not leaving them any place where they are alone and vulnerable. It also includes not leaving them in a yard accessible to the public or tied outside a business while you “just run in for a minute.”

The era when dogs protected us is changing. It is now a world in which we must equally protect them.



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