Kaitlyn Booth, 17, May Face Felony Charge for School Yearbook Prank

Kaitlyn Booth, a junior at Hickman High School in Columbia, Missouri, faces a possible felony charge for changing a classmate’s last name in the school yearbook.

Booth was arrested on May 14 after she allegedly changed senior student Raigan Mastain's last name to “masturbate” in the Hickman Cresset yearbook.

Apparently, the two students were part of the yearbook staff.

The 17-year-old girl may be charged with a first-degree property damage felony and harassment, notes the Associated Press.

If the teen is tried and convicted as an adult, she could be locked in a state prison with murderers and other violent criminals.

Assistant Boone County prosecutor Spencer Bartlett said that charges had not been filed against the teen as of Tuesday.

Rather than pay for new yearbooks, Hickman High School staff and students placed stickers on the altered pages with Mastain's correct last name, reports the Columbia Tribune.

“I do not think [she] had any sense of the consequences that would come,” said yearbook adviser Kim Acopolis.

“At some point, when someone makes a mistake, there needs to be a consequence,” Mastain told the Associated Press. “I do think it’s appropriate. It’s bullying. The property damage is an enormous amount of money. It’s not to be taken lightly.”

After calling it "bullying," Mastain told the Columbia Tribune: "I was disappointed, but I didn't know her well enough to be personally affected. What she did wasn't right, but I don't think it should affect her for the rest of her life."

Source: Associated Press and Columbia Tribune


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