Kaitlin Norton Guilty of Leaving Her Newborn Boy Under Tree

A woman who left her newborn baby boy under a tree after giving birth to him has pleaded guilty to a felony charge of child endangerment.

Kaitlin Norton, 21, hid the fact that she was pregnant from her boyfriend, friends and family. She gave birth in her boyfriend's basement alone while he was away at college. 

She then hid the baby in a blanket and put him under a tree in Ellisville, Missouri. 

A woman came across the infant shortly after and thought it was a blanket of abandoned puppies. She called police.

Betty Crowder, the woman who found the baby, said she was shocked when a policeman revealed the blanket was hiding a baby.

"We said, 'Oh, my God, it's a baby,'" she said.

The infant was taken to the hospital but was not seriously injured.

In a statement, Norton's attorney Andrew Leonard said, "She couldn't face the problem up through the moment that she delivered the child, alone, in a basement laundry room."

A Safe Place for Newborns Act was enacted in 2002 in the state of Missouri, allowing women who feel unable to cope with a newborn baby to have the ability to give it to a medical professional or a firefighter with no questions asked.

Every state in America offers a similar act to mothers who may feel tempted to abandoned their newborns.

Norton will be sentenced in July, there is no information at this time regarding the status of the baby.

Source: Daily Mail,KSDK


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