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Elena Kagan a Hypocrite on Gay Issues?

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Is it the military that Elena Kagan objects to -- or its mission? For all of her hostility toward our troops, the next Supreme Court justice has nothing but affection for one of its primary suspects: radical Muslims in the Middle East. While she was busy booting U.S. recruiters from Harvard's campus, Kagan welcomed the influence of a major donor from Saudi Arabia. Twenty million dollars later, the same woman who called the military's ban on homosexuality a "moral outrage" didn't seem to mind when her university accepted money from a Saudi Arabian prince whose country actually executes gays.

Kagan's double standard has been the subject of some of my meetings with members of the Judiciary Committee. As FRC started looking deeper into Kagan's ties with the Middle East, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) talked about those contradictions on the Senate floor. " Ms. Kagan was perfectly willing to obstruct the U.S. military -- which has liberated countless Muslims from the hate and tyranny of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban," Sen. Sessions said. "But it seems she sat on the sidelines as Harvard created an Islamic Studies Center funded by -- and dedicated to -- foreign leaders presiding over a legal system that violates what would appear to be her position... She fought the ability of our own soldiers to access campus resources, but not those who spread the oppressive tenets of Islamic Sharia law. Perhaps her response was guided by campus politics. But...much of her career has been spent actively engaged in liberal politics -- not legal practice."

Part of her liberal "politicking" has been in service to President Obama. During her time as Solicitor General, Kagan used her position to protect the Saudis from a major 9-11 lawsuit. When the victims' families tried to sue the Islamic nation for funneling money to terrorists before the attacks, Kagan lobbied for the Supreme Court to reject the case. Even though the high court allowed similar suits in the past, she insisted that moving forward would damage U.S.-Saudi relations. Kagan's terrorist sympathies even extend to her days at Harvard. In a letter buried in the congressional archives, she and three other law school deans (including Georgetown Law, another recipient of the Saudi prince's largesse) urged the Senate to soften its treatment of the enemy combatants at Guantanamo by stripping the President's power to detain them. Contact your senators and tell them that we need a Justice who will support our troops, not side with their enemy!


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