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K-9 and Deputy Win Bloody Fight With South Carolina Chop Shop Suspect

Russell Andrew Grant, who is accused of running a chop shop at his Centerville, South Carolina home, attempted to escape capture by a Sheriff’s K9 and deputy by punching, kicking, choking and trying to break the neck of the police dog, reports Anderson Independent Mail.

The outcome was not good for Grant.

In addition to  outstanding warrants for running a chop shop in Anderson County, the 34-year-old man is now facing new charges, including attempting to kill a police dog, according to the Sheriff's office.

Lt. Sheila Cole said deputies were called to a home in Centerville where the suspect, Russell Grant, had been spotted.

When deputies arrived, they found two vehicles that had been reported stolen. They decided to call for backup, including a K-9 team, Cole said.

Before entering the home, deputies spoke with Amanda Grant, Russell’s wife, and Matthew Martin, who is Amanda’s brother, and were told that Russell Grant had left the home, according to Cole.

Amanda Grant then gave verbal consent for the house to be searched. She said it was cleared without her husband being located. However, sounds heard under the home led deputies to believe Russell Grant might be in a crawlspace beneath the home, Cole said. 

Deputies quickly obtained a search warrant and Hyco was then released. He soon found Russell Grant in the air conditioning ductwork. Grant begin punching and kicking the dog. He managed to get his legs around Hyco's lower body and his arms around the dogs neck and was choking him.

Hyco’s handler, Cpl. Brandon Surratt, joined in the fight against Grant and the suspect released the dog, Cole said.

Cole said Russell Grant continued to fight with deputies attempting to take him into custody. They were able to maneuver him to an air-vent opening in the floor where he was taken out, FoxCarolina reports.

Emergency Medical Services were called to take Grant to the hospital where he was  treated for bruises and  multiple dog bites.

Russell Grant is accused of altering or disassembling eight stolen vehicles, mostly Honda Civics and Accords.

He was charged with nine counts of operating a chop shop, four counts of resisting arrest and one count of attempting to kill a police dog and later transported to the Anderson County Detention Center, Cole said.

Amanda Grant, 24, was charged with three counts of operating a chop shop and one count of hindering officers serving a warrant. Her brother, Matthew Martin, 28, was charged with hindering officers serving a warrant.

All three remained in the Anderson County Detention Center as of Friday evening, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Cole said K-9 Hyco was checked by his veterinarian, who said he had taken some pretty hard punches, but he will be OK.

Sources: Independent Mail, Fox Carolina, Fund Capital America


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