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Juxiao The Panda Gives Birth To Triplets

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A zoo in Guangzhou, a city in southern China, has just announced the birth of panda triplets.

The birth of these triplets occurred on July 29, though the fact that the cubs have survived this long is an extremely encouraging sign. Their mother, Juxiao, is in good health following the birth.

Pandas have a famously high infant mortality rate. In a report last year, Reuters pointed out that the infant mortality rate of pandas is 40%. This is the mortality rate for pandas from the point of parturition to their first birthday.

The major hump, however, is during the first 15 days of a panda's life. The vast majority of infant mortality in pandas comes during these 15 days.

The triplets just birthed in southern China have all survived past these dreaded 15 days, which is a great sign.

The gender of each panda is not yet known, but three new pandas surviving in captivity is a very encouraging thought.

Voice of America points out, "Some 1,600 pandas currently live in the wild in southwest China, with more than 300 others cared for in captivity."

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(via Voice of America)

The zoo is stating that the pandas will not be displayed for a few more months, and they will not be given names until zoo officials know their respective genders.


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