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Man Sets 7 Family Members on Fire With Blowtorch

A newly engaged Seattle couple, Jesus Sanchez and Kate Donohue, traveled to Puerto Rico to have the bride-to-be meet the family of her fiancé.

It was supposed to be a romantic trip over the holidays, but instead numerous family members were attacked by Jesus’ uncle with a blowtorch.

At a New Year’s Eve party attended by family, Justino Sanchez Diaz, 45, poured gasoline on family members then attacked them with a blowtorch. Both Jesus Sanchez and his fiancée were critically injured in the attack. Justino Sanchez Diaz’s 17-year-old niece and 32-year-old cousin died after being set on fire with the blowtorch. A total of seven family members were set on fire.

Shown: Two of the seven victims, Jesus Sanchez and Kate Donohue

Jesus Sanchez and Kate Donohue were to be married at Seattle’s Kerry Park this summer. Hopefully they will survive and still be able to do so. The couple had traveled to Puerto Rico to introduce Kate to the Sanchez family.

Justino Sanchez Diaz’s motive is not known at this time. He has been charged with murder.

Terrifying! Hopefully Jesus and Kate will pull through, but it sounds like they are in pretty bad shape. And not only that, the psychological scars the family will be left with is unimaginable. I don’t believe the death penalty is in effect in Puerto Rico, correct me if I am wrong, but if not, it’s a shame. This is just the kind of crime, and person, who deserves to pay the full price for their heinous actions – with their life.


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