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Justin Bieber's Female Fans Defend Him After DUI Arrest (Video)

Pop singer Justin Bieber was arrested early yesterday morning for DUI, drag racing and resisting arrest in Miami Beach, Fla.

Miami Beach Police Chief Ray Martinez said in a news conference that Bieber admitted to smoking marijuana, taking prescription medication and drinking while drag racing.

CNN reports today that three police officers, not involved in the Thursday arrest, were suspended because they allegedly gave Bieber a police escort to some strip clubs in South Florida on Monday.

But none of this news bothers Bieber's adoring female fans who have camped outside a $3000-a-night, five-bedroom, Miami mansion where he is staying (video below).

Many of the so-called "Beliebers" have defended the singer's alleged crimes as "mistakes" that everyone makes.

“I just wanna tell him how much I love him and give him a hug,” Bieber fan Ann Marie Rodriguez told CBS Miami.

“We're all human and he made a mistake and I think he knows that but we’re all still standing by him, right? Are we all standing by him?” Rodriguez asked the girls around her who yelled “Yeah!”

Instead of holding Bieber responsible for his actions, his fans blamed the media.

“There’s media, there’s paparazzi hunting him down when he’s just a normal 19-year-old kid trying to live his life and make music to make his fans happy and everyone’s just judging him,” added fan Rayana Barroso.

Sources: CNN and CBS Miami


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