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Bieber Gets Clocked In Post-Game Brawl (Video)

First he got booed by 20,000 NBA fans in Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena, then he took a right hook to the face during a scuffle outside his hotel (video below).

June 8 wasn't a very good day for Justin Bieber.

TMZ says it's the singer wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey in a 13-second video released June 9. In the video, Bieber appears to argue with another person (possibly a fellow NBA fan) before shoving him, then flails his arms wildly as he takes a punch to the face. The fan then takes the Biebs to the ground like a wrestler and looks ready to deliver MMA-style ground and pound -- despite a group of people trying to pull him off Bieber -- before the view is obstructed as the combatants fall behind a column and the video ends.

"[Expletive] I'm gettin' on TMZ," a voice, presumably from the camera phone's owner, says as Bieber and the unidentified man tussle.

It was at least the second time that day that NBA fans made it clear they didn't like Bieber. The 22-year-old singer was in attendance at Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland, where the Cavaliers earned a blowout victory over the heavily-favored Golden State Warriors.

When a camera relayed Bieber's face to the arena's Jumbotron, the fans let him have it, according to people at the game, the Daily Beast reports.

"Bieber lustily booed here. LUSTILY," tweeted New York Times sports reporter Scott Cacciola.

The Daily Beast identifies some of the people who intervened in the post-game fight as Bieber's bodyguards and notes the satisfaction many have expressed at seeing Bieber getting taken down.

"It’s partly a fault of his own," the Beast's Kevin Fallon writes, "and partly a byproduct of our lecherous lust for celebrity comeuppance — particularly from a figure with a head inflated to max capacity with braggadocio — that there’s a certain giddiness that accompanies any news item hinting at a Justin Bieber downfall."

Sources: TMZ, The Daily Beast, Scott Cacciola/Twitter / Photo credit: TMZ/YouTube

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