Justice For Shadow: Police Kill Homeless Elderly Man's Dog

Disturbing footage captured by a Texas police officer’s body camera was released showing an officer shooting a homeless man’s dog with a shotgun.

The incident occurred on Feb. 5 and was caught on camera (video below). Fort Worth authorities were called about a homeless man who was illegally camping with his dog that was not on a leash.

Several officers arrived at the scene with shotguns in hand. They loudly announced their presence, startling both the dog and the homeless man. The dog then dashed out of the tent and was shot by Officer Edward P. Martinez (2:40 mark).

The homeless was identified as Lonnie Reynolds. He is an elderly man with a prosthetic leg. He is seen crawling out of his tent in fear and confusion, asking why the officer shot his dog.

The 7-year-old pit bull and Rhodesian ridgeback mix dog, named Shadow, returned to Reynold’s arms but was severely injured.

An officer is heard telling another officer to contact animal control and inform them that they "have a pit bull with a gunshot wound.” He also told him, “Don’t tell them any more than that.”

For most of the video, Reynolds is seen attending to his beloved pet. The officers stand around and don’t offer to help the disabled man find his prosthetic leg.

“Get your dog and wrap him up, we’re going to get your dog some treatment alright?” one officer is heard saying.

After 30 to 40 minutes, officers apparently brought the dog to a veterinarian for treatment. Doctors informed Reynolds and his ex-wife, Robin Ollar Fairchild, that there was little hope for recovery.

Reynolds and his ex-wife made the decision to euthanize Shadow.

Reynolds and Fairchild are now on a mission to get justice for Shadow. They have started a petition asking for Martinez to take responsibility for his actions of excessive force and animal cruelty.

So far, the petition has more than 6,000 signatures. Their goal is 10,000 signatures.

Reynolds has also started a Facebook page to raise awareness about thei cause. You can sign the petition on Care2Petitions.

Sources: Free Thought Project, Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook


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