New DNA Tests To Be Used In JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case


The state of Colorado plans to conduct new, never before used DNA tests in the unsolved JonBenet Ramsey murder case.

Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett and Boulder police Chief Greg Testa confirmed that they have spoken with Colorado Bureau of Investigation administrators about the flaws in the DNA testing that was conducted on JonBenet's panties and long johns following her mysterious death in December 1996, the Daily Camera reported.

"We did meet with CBI and the district attorney's office, and we had a general discussion about evidence in the Ramsey case, including new technology and DNA testing," Testa told the Daily Camera. "And we are going to take a look at the new technology, and see how they may help us further this investigation."

"We should be doing all reasonable testing that we can do, and we will be," Garnett added.

Previous investigations by outside forensic experts disputed several conclusions made by District Attorney Mary Lacy in her interpretation of DNA tests, which ultimately led to the exoneration of members of the Ramsey family in 2008.

Lacy concluded that the DNA found on JonBenet's panties and long johns belonged to one person, presumed to be the killer. But independent experts determined that the DNA originated from multiple people, and not a single person.

"If you're looking for someone that doesn't exist, because actually it's several people, it's a problem," former U.S. Attorney for Colorado told the news station.

The independent experts also challenged Lacy's conclusions that the DNA found in JonBenet's long johns "matched" the DNA found in the panties, and that because there was no innocent explanation for the genetic material found on the girl's clothing, the DNA had to belong to the killer.

The new DNA tests could prove whether the DNA samples on JonBenet's clothing were just a mere result of "inconsequential contact with other people," the Daily Camera reports.

Garnett said he does not think DNA evidence alone will solve JonBenet's murder, KUSA reports.

"What I am confident about is that the Ramsey case is more than a DNA case, and to ever have a prosecutable case, we have to have several different parts of it come together. DNA would be a part of it. We need a number of other things as well."

Sources: Daily Camera, KUSA / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons via Wet Paint

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