Mongoose Viciously Attacks Deadly Snake (Photos)


Images featuring a mongoose attacking a deadly snake in Namibia have fascinated people online.

In the photos, a mongoose climbs a tree and sneakily approaches the boomslang snake before attacking, the Daily Mail reports.

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The snake is known for being extremely dangerous, IFL Science reports.

“What this snake’s venom does to you would not be out of place in a horror movie,” IFL Science notes. “Adding insult to injury, the process can be extremely slow, sometimes taking five days for the victim to die of internal bleeding.”

But that didn’t intimidate the mongoose.

South African tourist Elana Erasmus, 48, captured the scene while on a guided safari at Etosha National Park in Namibia.

“We were on our way back to camp after the morning's photography session when our guide spotted a slender mongoose attacking a boomslang in a tree next to road,” said Erasmus. “We realized immediately that this was a very special sighting. Our cameras were already tucked away in their dust covers and we were frantically trying to get our equipment out and ready.”

The fight that ensued between the two was a sight to behold.

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“The mongoose would pursue the boomslang, continuously biting it on its head while the boomslang tried in vain to get away from its attacker,” Erasmus said. “A few times the mongoose would fall out of the tree just to clamber back to continue its relentless attack on the boomslang.”

Meanwhile, the snake tried desperately to throw the mongoose off.

“At times, the boomslang would curl itself around the slender mongoose in an attempt to defend itself or possibly to kill it with a snake bite,” Erasmus explained.

“But it was very clear that the slender mongoose was the predator and that this time, the snake was the prey,” she added. “After a while the boomslang looked tired and worst for wear. It was clear that the mongoose had the upper hand.”

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Sources: Daily Mail,IFL Science / Photo Credit: Caters News Agency via Daily Mail

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