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Newly Adopted Dog Kills 4-Year-Old Girl (Photo)

A 4-year-old Michigan girl died Oct. 23 after a dog her family had just adopted attacked her.

The Doberman mix reacted aggressively to Kiyana McNeal’s attempt to offer him a treat, according to WOOD.

It lunged at the girl and bit her in the throat.

“I was in my bedroom and I heard the screaming. And I heard somebody holler, ‘Becky!’” neighbor Becky Davis told WOOD.

When she ran outside, she saw Kiyana’s mother carrying the child from the house. Other neighbors heard the commotion and one called 911.

Becky later found out Kiyana had been trying to feed the dog a biscuit.

“The dog come and sniffed it. And then stepped back. Then come sniffed it again,” Becky told WOOD. “And evidently the third time he got her.”

The man who brought the dog to the family had just left when the fatal incident occurred. He immediately returned to the scene.

“The mother and the guy who brought the dog, they had the baby on the ground doing CPR. It didn’t do any good,” Becky added.

“The man that had it said [the dog] never bothered a child or nothing before. No, there was no warning,” she said.

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Kiyana was a regular visitor to Becky’s home, which she shares with her husband, Kenneth.

“It doesn’t seem possible this happened like it has. And that was just last night,” added Kenneth.

Kiyana’s mother, Jacey McNeal Wolkins, was injured when she tried to separate the dog from her daughter. Her wounds were treated at the hospital and she was released Oct. 24.

Gerald Johnson, Kiyana’s father, said his daughter loved animals and wanted to become a veterinarian.

Kenneth said he and his wife cared a lot for Kiyana. He built a gate in their fence so she could easily come to visit.

“She’d come in the door: ‘Hi Pa-Pa,’” Kenneth told WXMI. “And when she left she said, ‘Bye Pa-Pa.’”

Police removed the dog to an animal control center, where it will be kept in quarantine until an investigation into the incident is completed.

Sources: WOOD, WXMI / Photo credit: WOOD, YouCaring

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