Jury Says Man Should Die For Brutally Torturing And Murdering Woman And Her Three Young Daughters


A jury in Los Angeles, California, ruled this week that a 24-year-old man convicted of torturing and killing a woman and her three daughters should die.

The death penalty decision came a month after 24-year-old Corey Lynn King was convicted of murder, torture, and arson. Back in 2008, reports say that King, who was then 18, viciously stabbed 43-year-old Sonya Durfield Harris and her 13-year-old daughter Ebony Horton more than 50 times each before stabbing, beating, and stomping on Harris’ 11-year-old daughter Melina Harris and strangling her nine-year-old daughter Kayla Clark. After the brutal murders, King reportedly drove to a gas station in Harris’ car, filled up several bottles with gasoline, and returned to the home to set it on fire.

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The day after firefighters found the bodies of Harris and her three young daughters, King surrendered to police, and last month, he was found guilty of murder, torture, and arson. During the court proceedings, jurors reportedly heard evidence of a similar killing involving victim Evelyn Mosley, 90, but King was never charged with her death.

Now that the jury has decided to recommend the death penalty, King will officially be sentenced on February 20.

Sources:Daily Mail, KTLA, KSN News / Photo Sources: NBC Los Angeles, KTLA


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