Jury Acquits Saudi Millionaire On Rape Charge After He Says He Fell And Accidentally Penetrated Victim


Saudi millionaire Ehsan Abdulaziz had lots of explanations for why his DNA ended up inside the vagina of an 18-year-old woman who accused him of rape.

Abdulaziz, who was partying with the woman and her 24-year-old friend in August 2014, said he had sex with the 24-year-old, and was simply being a nice guy by bringing the younger woman a blanket as she crashed on his couch in London's affluent Maida Vale neighborhood, according to the Daily Mail.

When Abdulaziz, 46, brought the alleged victim the blanket, his penis might have been poking out of his underwear, he told a British court. And it might have been erect. And probably what happened was that he tripped and fell, and he accidentally pulled her panties aside and penetrated the woman, he testified. Oh, and the woman may have pulled him toward her, and his hands might have been covered in his own semen, which is how his DNA ended up inside her. That's if, you know, it didn't already get there when he accidentally penetrated her.

A London jury bought Abdulaziz's litany of excuses and acquitted the millionaire real estate investor after only 30 minutes of deliberation on Dec. 15, the Mirror reported. The newspapers also noted an irregularity in the court proceedings, when Judge Martin Griffiths allowed the wealthy Saudi to present evidence in private during a 20-minute conference with the judge.

Abdulaziz, who is married and has a child, told the court he didn't intend on having sex with the women after inviting them to his $1,500-a-night table at the exclusive Cirque le Soir nightclub in London's West End, buying them drinks, and driving them back to his apartment in his Aston Martin before providing them with designer Roberto Cavalli vodka.

When a prosecutor asked Abdulaziz if he makes a habit of taking young women home from London's clubs, the millionaire told the court he always behaves like a gentleman.

"It never happened in my life," he said, according to the Daily Mail. "I always respect ladies and I have a sister myself."

The alleged victim told the court she pushed Abdulaziz off her when he tried to have sex with her, but Abdulaziz said that would not have been possible because he would have fallen back and hurt himself by hitting the coffee table.

"If she had pushed me I would have ended up in hospital," he said. "I'm very fragile, it's very, very narrow between my table and the couch."

Incredulous prosecutors also tried to poke holes in the Saudi businessman's testimony that he would bring the younger woman a blanket while his erect penis exposed.

"You're 45 and you knew there was a young girl sleeping in your living room and it was OK for you to walk in there with your penis sticking out of the top of your pants?" prosecutor Jonathan Davies asked, according to the Daily Mail.

"I didn't go in there to have a conversation, I just went in there to switch off the TV and have a glass of water," Abdulaziz replied.

During the trial, Abdulaziz's lawyers told jurors the alleged victim was the one who tried to have sex with their client. Embarrassed at being rejected, the lawyers contended, the woman invented the rape story when she went to police.

"The reality is he never put his penis inside you, he never even tried to have sex with you," defense attorney Jason Bartfeld told the victim.

Reaction across the Internet ranged from infuriated to incredulous after the jury cleared Abdulaziz of the single rape charge. Writing on   Jezebel, writer Joanna Rothkopf noted reports that Abdulaziz told detectives the victim was lying, and that "She’ll have to prove it.”

"Has Abdulaziz ever seen a vagina?" Rothkopf asked after detailing the businessman's excuse that he fell into the victim.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail, Jezebel, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Flickr

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