This Jumping Spider Is So Transparent, You Can See Movements Through Exoskeleton (VIDEO)

There are over 5,000 species of jumping spiders in the world, but this one discovered in a reserve in Ecuador by zoologist Wayne Maddison is remarkable.

Jumping spiders are considered by many as being a bit cute, with their tiny size and large eyes. They have excellent vision and the GIF below shows how these tiny predators use their eyes to latch onto their prey.

According to io9, this particular spider, a member of the sub-family Amycinae, is so transparent, you can see the movements of its underlying visual anatomy.

Writing in a blog post for Scientific American, Maddison notes that six of the eight eyes jumping spiders have are used to look around, like our peripheral vision. The other two eyes, the giant ones found in the middle of their faces, are like fovea, our central vision, with narrow field view but high resolution.

You can watch a video guide below that Maddison uploaded last week about arachnid field research.

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