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July is 'Ex-Gay Pride Month,' Announces Voice of the Voiceless

An organization called "Voice of the Voiceless" (VoV) recently announced that July would be the "First Annual Ex-Gay Pride Month."

Additionally, there will be an "Ex-Gay Pride Awareness Day" in Washington D.C. 

VoV is also trying to get a "Presidential Proclamation from The White House to commemorate Ex-Gay Pride Month."

The entire letter sent to President Obama is posted on the VoV website.

According to a VoV press release, Ex-Gay Pride Month is being held in July to counter "Gay Pride Month" in June.

VoV says they want to raise awareness of the " ever-increasing phenomenon of ex-gays or former homosexuals; that is, individuals who formerly had unwanted same-sex attractions and/or lived an LGBT-identified life, but now do not."

VoV also wants to "draw attention to increasing discrimination and hostility towards the ex-gay community in society."

However, VoV does not cite any specific evidence of this "hostility" towards ex-gays, but just a general "hostility" from "anti-ex-gay activists and the media at large."

"Former homosexuals are the last invisible minority in American culture and are increasingly subject to hostility from anti-ex-gay activists and the media at large, who is influenced heavily by the gay-activist lobby that discriminates and marginalizes former homosexuals. VoV estimates that ex-gays number in the tens of thousands (at least), but due to intimation and hostility, the exact numbers are unknown," claims VoV.



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