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Judge Yells At Lawyer Who Said Black Man Fled Cops To Avoid Being Shot (Video)

A controversial judge in Broward County, Florida, yelled at a public defender who suggested his black client was scared of being killed by police.

Public defender Dale Miller told Judge John "Jay" Hurley that Stephen Hall Clarke, who is African American, ran from the cops because of police brutality towards black people (video below).

"Your honor, in light of what's happening in this country with unarmed black men being killed by police, him running from shots being fired is a very reasonable response," stated Miller, noted the Sun-Sentinel.

"Don't hand me this, 'He's a black man running from police brutality,"' said Judge Hurley. "Look, that is not appropriate in this case. I'm not going to let you poison this case."

Fort Lauderdale police claim that a bullet hit an undercover police sergeant's unmarked patrol car at about 1:40 a.m. on Monday morning. The undercover sergeant was following a black Dodge Avenger that had its lights off when he was shot at.

Fort Lauderdale police and other law enforcement agencies used patrol cars, a helicopter and police dog to search the area and catch Clarke and three other black male suspects who were allegedly inside the car.

"We've got a young man, I don't care what color he is, he's in a neighborhood he doesn't live in at 1:41 in the morning, hiding under somebody's dock in the water with a holster on, after a police officer had a shot taken at him," said Judge Hurley.

Judge Hurley took a brief recess, and returned to apologize.

"I just want to apologize," Judge Hurley stated. "I got a little worked up there, but I just want to be clear that we stick to the facts of the case and we don't go off on tangents."

Clarke was charged with armed burglary, conspiracy and resisting arrest.

In October 2014, Judge Hurley was accused of showing contempt towards homeless people by Broward County Chief Public Defender Howard Finklestein for ejecting one of his public defenders who asked that homeless people be given counsel, noted CBS Miami.

Sources: Sun-Sentinel, CBS Miami
Image Credit: Broward County, Florida Logo


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