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Judge Won't Let Jury See Trayvon Martin's Text Messages, Photos

Judge Debra Nelson ruled Wednesday that George Zimmerman’s defense team will not be able to present text messages from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone in court.

The defense team will not be able to use the two key pieces of evidence (see below), including texts in which Martin allegedly discusses fighting and purchasing a gun as well as a photo of a gun.

Prosecutors say there is no way to prove that Martin sent the text messages or took the photos. Nelson agreed, and called it an “authenticity issue.”

State attorney John Guy argued “we don’t know who typed these messages, we don’t know if they’re connected.”

Furthermore, the prosecution argued the data on his phone has nothing to do with Martin’s shooting.

Nelson also told the defense it could not present a computer animation of the altercation between Martin and Zimmerman as evidence. Rather, they will have to show the jurors the animation during closing arguments.

Created by a defense witness, the animation depicts Martin walking up to Zimmerman and punching him and also shows the teen on top of Zimmerman as he fires the shot that killed Martin.

“This is a murder trial," said state attorney Richard Mantei. "This isn’t ‘Casablanca.’ This isn’t ‘Iron Man’"

Zimmerman’s defense team claims the neighborhood watchman was defending himself against the teen when he fatally shot Martin in 2012.

Sources: The Daily Caller, USA Today


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