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Man Who Killed And Dismembered Father Sentenced To Life

A Florida man who killed his father and then dismembered his body has been sentenced to life in prison on Nov. 21.

Matthew Marshall, 34, will spend the rest of his life behind bars after a jury found him guilty of killing his father, James Marshall, the Miami Herald reports.

Matthew reportedly dismembered his father's body, stuffed the left arm, thighs and lower legs in a suitcase and dumped it in a canal near their home. Authorities have yet to find James' head.

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During sentencing, County Circuit Court Judge J. Frank Porter said the murder was "without any doubt the most gruesome and brutal murder" of his career.

"It is my intent that you never see the sun rise, the sun set or take a breath outside the walls of the Department of Corrections the rest of your natural life," Porter said, according to the Daily Mail.

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Matthew had a history of mental illness, which the family said caused him to go on violent outbursts.

James lived in fear of his son, who had previously threatened to slit his throat, the News-Press reported.

In one incident, Matthew threatened to kill his father if he didn't drive him to Washington D.C. so he could assassinate "George Bush and his family," according to reports.

James was so afraid he even started sleeping with a chair wedged against his bedroom door. He also reportedly had a code word with a friend to signal for him to call the police in the event of an emergency.

Despite his fear, James did not want to kick his son out of the house and leave him homeless.

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During his trial, Matthew, who was at times placed in a restrictive cloak and handcuffed for safety reasons, defended himself.

Matthew repeatedly cited the Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments, the Daily Mail reported. He reportedly asked the judge to sentence him to "10 leprechaun life sentences."

Mary Raveling, Matthew's mother, told the court her son was "not a monster," but a "high-functioning mentally ill."

"We failed," Raveling said. "I failed as a parent to get him the help he needed."

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