Judge Tells Man Who Murdered Fiancé With One Punch: ‘You Are Deeply Unpleasant, Cowardly’


A British man who murdered his fiancée with a single punch during a fight over whether to take a taxi or the bus was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 16 years.

Ryan Ingham, 27, punched mother-of-five Caroline Finegan with “as much force as he could” causing the blood vessels in her neck to burst, prosecutors said.

The couple was standing outside a Manchester bus station in January. A witness told the court he saw Ingham get a running start to punch his fiancée in the face.

Finegan, 29, suffered a broken nose, a fractured eye socket and a fatal brain hemorrhage. She was rushed to a local hospital but died hours later.

Ingham originally claimed Finegan had drunkenly fallen down. He later pleaded guilty to manslaughter before he was charged with murder.

He had 23 previous convictions including six violent assaults on other women, according to the Independent. Prosecutors argued that he fully intended to cause grievous bodily harm to Finegan.

He was found guilty in Minshull Street Crown Court last week. He was sentenced on Monday to life with 16 years before consideration for parole.

"In my judgment you are a deeply unpleasant, cowardly and violent young man with a complete inability to control your temper, particularly after the consumption of alcohol,” Judge Peter Lakin said.

"The reason you did this was because, and only because, of a trivial argument about how to get home from Manchester city centre,” Lakin added. "You have on any view a very disturbing history for assaulting your partners. Clearly you have no respect whatsoever for the welfare of those who trust you in a relationship."

"He refused to take responsibility for his actions,” Senior Crown Prosecutor Sacha Cooper said. "Today Ryan Ingham will face up to the consequences of his mindless actions as he begins his prison sentence."

"Ms. Finegan's family have been left deeply upset and cannot believe someone who claimed to love her could kill her,” Duncan Thorpe of the Greater Manchester Police said. "Ingham himself will have to live with the fact his reckless and thoughtless action took the life of an innocent woman.”

Sources: Independent, Mirror


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