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Judge Slams Couple For Using Cocaine

Paul Samber, 32, and his girlfriend, Catherine Scott, allegedly bought cocaine from a Manhattan delivery service. As Scott, 32, was arraigned on charges related to her drug use, Judge Edward McLaughlin looked over her three-year-old Department of Motor Vehicles photo and compared it to how she looks now. Scott appeared in court in loose-fitting green pants and a t-shirt. 

McLaughlin called Samber into the court room. “Did someone show him the before-and-after photo of Miss Scott?” he asked. Samber replied he’d known Scott since she was 13.

“Maybe familiarity breeds blindness,” the judge said. “She’s deteriorating before your very eyes!”

Scott, a makeup artist, was arrested on Tuesday in the salon she works at. LinkedIn lists Samber’s most recent place of employment as Medialets, where he apparently works as an ad operations specialist.

McLaughlin also reprimanded Scott. “People like Miss Scott are disregarding the law and doing their own thing because New York state and every other entity that outlaws drugs is just a party pooper [to them],” he said.

Frank Rothman, Scott’s lawyer, told the judge she didn’t have the funds to make bail. 

“But she has enough money for cocaine?” the judge asked.

“I think a lawyer costs more than a $250 special,” Rothman shot back.

Scott and Samber left the court room together, holding hands.

Actor Jack Kesy, from the T.V. series “The Strain,” has also been charged with receiving cocaine from the delivery service. 

“This prosecution demonstrates that whether you are allegedly directing a narcotics operation or are simply a paying customer, participation in illegal activity of this scale will not be tolerated,” said Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. “Today we are dismantling a sophisticated cocaine delivery operation top to bottom, from the three people charged under the state’s ‘Kingpin’ statute, to a dozen indicted sellers, as well as 10 separately charged buyers.”

Sources: New York Post, LinkedIn / Image via New York Post


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