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Judge Rules that Student Andrea Hernandez Must Wear School I.D. Card

U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia upheld the Northside Independent School District’s rule requiring students to wear I.D. cards with locator chips on Tuesday.

The case began when John Jay High School sophomore Andrea Hernandez refused to wear the  I.D. card as part of a policy to track attendance via radio frequency identification.

Hernandez and her family objected to her wearing the chip because it had “the mark of the beast,” as described in the Bible, reports Reuters.

Judge Garcia ruled that the San Antonio, Texas district school tried to accommodate Hernandez by letting her remove the chip while wearing her identification card, but that Hernandez wanted to wear an I.D. badge issued to her at a different school.

Judge Garcia wrote: “Quite obviously, the purpose of the badge would be meaningless if every student could pick or choose whichever badge he or she desired. The District’s badge requirement has a incidental effect, if any, on Plaintiff’s religious beliefs.”

Hernandez has until Jan. 18 to decide whether she will wear a school I.D. without the chip or transfer to a new school.


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