Judge Rules New Jersey Twins Have Different Fathers


A man who was believed to have fathered a set of twins in New Jersey has been found to have only fathered one of them, according to PIX11.

New Jersey Judge Sohail Mohammed ruled that the man, identified only as “A.S.”, is the father of only one of the twins.

The issue came to a head when the mother, identified only as “T.M.”, attempted to claim the man as the father of both her girls in January 2013 to get child support. However, after the mother admitted that she had sex with another man the same week she was with A.S., he was ordered to take a paternity test.

When the test arrived in November 2014, the court discovered that A.S. was the father of only one of the girls but not the other.

According to DNA expert Dr. Karl-Hanz Wurzinger, an incredibly rare event known as Heteropaternal superfecundation occurred, in which two eggs were fertilized in one menstrual cycle.  

According to a study he published in 1997, the issue occurs in just 1 out of every 13,000 paternity cases with twins.

Judge Mohammed ruled that A.S. would have to pay $28 a week in child support for just one of the children.

Source: NJ, PIX11

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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