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Judge Rules In Favor Of Kansas City Family's Controversial Purple Playground

A judge in Kansas City has ruled in favor of a family who wanted to keep a purple swing set that they put up in their backyard following backlash from their homeowners association.

The Stout family put a purple playground in their backyard and, because of their color choice, their homeowners association began to threaten them with fines, sanctions, and jail time if it wasn't removed.

On Friday, a judge ruled in favor of the Stouts, saying that the association did not prove their case.

The family built the playground themselves and, by request from the children, painted it purple. Soon after, the family started receiving fines from their homeowners association, who thought that the playground should be painted a color that is "subdued and within harmony with other colors of the community."

Last year, the family fought the fines and won, but the association sent them letters saying that if the swing set wasn't removed, they could potentially be sent to jail.

The Stouts then asked their community for help and gathered signatures on a petition that said that the swing set did not bother any of the neighbors who could see it. This still did not have the homeowners association convinced, however, and they continued to fight.

On Friday, the judge told the Stouts that they would be allowed to keep the playground.

Sources: Fox 4 KC, KMBC / Photo credit: KMBC


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