Mother Who Helped Kill Kids Wants Custody Of New Family


An Illinois judge is set to decide whether a woman who served five years in prison for helping to kill her three children in 2003 should gain custody of her new children.

Amanda Ware was convicted in 2006 for aiding in the killing of her first three children. She served five years in prison after allowing her then-boyfriend drive her car into a lake and drown the children. Ware, who went by Amanda Hamm at the time, escaped unharmed from the vehicle, reports The Associated Press.

The children who died were 6 years, old, 3 years old and 23 months old. Her boyfriend at the time was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

After getting out of prison, Ware remarried and had two daughters and a son. They were removed from her custody in 2014 and sent to live with her husband's sister. Ware and her current husband, Leo, are now trying to get them back.

In late 2015, a judge ruled against Ware getting custody of her children, deciding that she is an abusive and neglectful parent, AP reported.

"What's so difficult is that the likelihood of something going wrong may be low, but if it does, the consequences are so high," Loyola University child law clinic director Bruce Boyer told AP at the time.

In the current custody case, prosecutor Gina Perdue cited Leo Ware's previous gang associations and drug relapse as evidence as to why the couple should not be given their children.

Ware's attorney, Lisa Dedmond, argued that his criminal history is irrelevant to the custody case.

Amanda was described by her defense as a "very conscientious and patient mother" who is able to meet the needs of her children, AP reported.

Both parents were recommended counseling, and Leo was recommended drug treatment.

Sources: AP via WAGA, AP / Photo credit: Police photo via WAGA

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