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Judge Sides with Elizabeth Petrakis, Rips Up Prenup of Millionaire Long Island Real Estate Mogul

In a precedent-setting decision, a judge ripped up the prenuptial agreement between Elizabeth Petrakis, 39, and millionaire Long Island real estate mogul Peter Petrakis, 41.

Elizabeth signed the agreement four days before their lavish 1998 wedding. She alleges that Peter coerced her into signing the agreement, promising to tear it up once they had children. But, after she gave birth to a daughter and twin sons, he did not.

The Brooklyn Appellate Court panel last month threw out the agreement, unanimously affirming two Nassau County court decisions that stated Peter “fraudulently induced” Elizabeth to sign the prenup and claimed Peter’s “credibility to be suspect.”

Elizabeth referred to the document as “a knife in my heart from Day One.’’

She claims Peter coerced her signature over the course of seven years. He even threatened to call off their wedding after her father had paid $40,000 for the reception.

Long Island Judge Raoul Felder, who has never before in three decades as a judge overturned a prenup, called the decision “really rare.”

“The reason this happened was I was an advocate for myself and I didn’t give up,” Elizabeth told The Post at her Old Brookville Mansion.

Her attorney, Dennis D’Antonio said the ruling “is unprecedented, vacating a pre-nup on the basis of a verbal promise,” although a clause in the contract says there could be no verbal promises.

“It resets the bar. It’s an entirely different landscape out there in regard to prenups. I’ve been inundated with calls. Spouses who are challenging pre-nups now have a leg to stand on,” he said.

The couple will now begin divorce proceedings. According to Elizabeth her husband suddenly wants to end this ugly battle. Peter declined to comment to the Post.

Source: NY Post


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