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Judge Rejects Bid To Dismiss Tiona Rodriguez, NYC Shoplifter Found With Dead Fetus In Her Bag


A teenage girl made headlines a few months ago when she was found with a dead fetus in her shopping bag in New York City. The girl, 17-year-old Tiona Rodriguez, was caught shoplifting from a Victoria’s Secret located in Midtown Manhattan when the authorities discovered the dead baby in her bag. The reason for which she was carrying around the fetus was never revealed, although Rodriguez also has a 2-year-old child at her home in Brooklyn. 

According to the New York Daily News, Rodriguez’ New York City court case has been mandated to continue. A judge rejected a bid to dismiss the case, which involves Rodriguez’ attempt to shoplift a $44.50 pair of jeans. The fetus found in her bag is not being discussed at all throughout the case, as she is being charged only with petty larceny and fifth-degree criminal possession of a stolen property. Her friend and fellow shoplifter Francis Estevez, also 17, is also due to appear in court regarding the incident. 

Although more information regarding Rodriguez’ dead baby has yet to surface, the New York Post reported in late November that “detectives are building a ‘huge case’” against Rodriguez, believing that she may have murdered her baby shortly after giving birth. 

“Detectives have been interviewing neighbors and friends and they subpoenaed her social media accounts. They are building a huge case so she can’t get away with it,” a law enforcement source told the newspaper. 

It appears as if the judge presiding over Rodriguez’ case is not ready to let her get away with her shoplifting charge either, although the continued judicial action against Rodriguez likely has something to do with the strange situation of the fetus found in her bag.


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