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Judge Orders Richard Dameron to Hold 'Idiot' Sign for Threatening Police

Richard Dameron was recently ordered by a judge to stand outside a police station and hold a sign declaring himself to be an "idiot" for threatening police officers in 9-1-1 calls.

Dameron began the court-ordered public apology on Monday and must do it three hours a day for the entire week, noted the Associated Press.

“I’m sorry for being a fool like I am. And I hope that Officer Simone and his family takes my apology because I was drunk. I apologize from deep down. I just want it to be over with and done," said Dameron.

The same judge who sentenced Dameron to this bizarre punishment also ordered a woman to wear an "idiot" sign for driving on a sidewalk to get around a school bus, noted

In that case, Shena Hardin's drivers license was suspended for 30 days and she was ordered to pay $250 in court costs.

Hardin was recorded on video by the school bus driver and caught in a stakeout by police who were waiting for her.

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