Judge Orders Release Of Surveillance Tape In Case Of GA High School Student Found Dead In Gym Mat (Video)


When a high school student’s body was found rolled-up in a gym mat earlier this year, those investigating the incident believed he had died accidentally. The medical examiner’s report claimed that he had died from “positional asphyxia,” likely after reaching inside the mat in order to retrieve a shoe. The teen, Kendrick Johnson, was only 17 at the time of the incident. 

Since the boy's tragic death, Johnson’s parents have been urging for further investigation into the incident. His parents believe that there may have been some sort of foul play involved, as they hired a second, private medical examiner to conduct another autopsy. That medical examiner, Dr. William R. Anderson, reported that the boy’s death was “non-accidental.”

A judge presiding over the family’s case recently ordered the release of a school surveillance tape, which Johnson’s parents believe will assist them in uncovering the cause of their son’s death. 

“It’s still a long battle and we still have a long way to go but this is a start,” Kendrick’s father Kenneth Johnson said to ABC News. 

Kendrick’s mother Jacquelyn echoed her husband’s sentiments. “It feels great we are just one step close[r] and finding out what happened to my son,” Jacquelyn said. 

The new footage shows Johnson walking through the hallway and into the school’s gym, where other students were playing basketball. This gives Johnson’s parents and other investigators an idea as to who the boy was around on the day of his death. Although the video does not give much indication as to whether or not foul play was actually involved, hopefully law enforcement officials can continue to investigate in order to bring some sort of justice to the boy for his family.


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