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Judge Orders Man Who Hit Girlfriend To Write 'Boys Do Not Hit Girls' 5,000 Times

Remember Montana Judge Todd Baugh? You know, the one who handed a Montana high school teacher a really lenient sentence because the student he raped appeared older than her chronological age? It turns out the guy is a bit of an oddball.

In a recent domestic abuse case, he ordered convicted man Pacer Ferguson to write “Boys do not hit girls” 5,000 time as part of his punishment.

In August of 2012, Ferguson fractured his ex-girlfriend’s face in three places when he punched her during an argument. In addition to his Bart Simpson-esque scribbling order, Ferguson will have to spend at least six months in jail and pay his girlfriend $3,800 in restitution for his ex-girlfriend’s medical bills.

Baugh ordered Ferguson to complete and send his letter by May 23. Ferguson should have plenty of time to complete the task — he actually appeared before Baugh twice on the day he was sentenced. Baugh sentenced him to eight years in prison for violating the terms of his release in an attempted knifepoint robbery in 2003.

Maybe Baugh is just handing out obscure sentencing because he knows his days as a judge may be numbered. The state of Montana is appealing his August ruling that only sentenced teacher Stacey Rambold to one month in prison for his rape of a 14-year-old student. Baugh’s “older than her chronological age” comment has led to a number of women’s rights organizations to call for his removal from the bench.

According to the Montana Attorney General, Baugh’s sentencing does not meet the state’s mandatory minimum sentence for Rambold’s crime.

The attorney general’s document said “the circumstance of a 47-year-old teacher having sexual intercourse with his 14-year-old student is precisely such a circumstance warranting a mandatory minimum sentence.” 

Source: Gawker, ABC, CNN


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