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Judge Orders Gun Lobbyist Clark Aposhian To Forfeit Firearms

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Gun lobbyist Clark Aposhian was ordered to surrender all firearms in his home, office and on his person Tuesday after he was charged with domestic violence.

While visiting his daughter on Memorial Day, Aposhian allegedly blasted through his ex-wife’s neighborhood in a two-ton Army surplus truck, honked an air horn outside her home, and nearly ran into her parked vehicle. According to police reports, Aposhian’s 11-year-old daughter feared he would run over the cars.

When his ex-wife’s husband called him later in the day, Aposhian reportedly threatened to run over their cars and bury them.

Police later arrested Aposhian after he returned to his home.

Aposhian’s ex-wife said the Memorial Day event was the explosion of a 6-month long custody battle. As part of his alleged ongoing harassment, Aposhian was charged with domestic violence in front of a child, criminal trespass, criminal mischief and threat of violence. He pleaded not guilty to all four charges.

If convicted, Aposhian could be forced to forfeit his firearms, his concealed weapons permit and concealed carry instructor’s license. 

Aposhian made headlines after the Sandy Hooks Elementary School Shooting when he offered free gun handling classes to educators. Aposhian also acts as the face of pro-gun lobbying in Utah and heads the Utah Shooting Sports Council, where he can often be seen sporting a rifle and handgun necktie.

If proven guilty, Aposhian may be forced to resign from his position as chairman of the council.

Sources: The Salt Lake Tribune, TPM


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