Judge: No Jail Time For Indiana Woman Who Cut Man's Penis With Box Cutter

An Indiana woman who admitted to cutting a man’s penis with a box cutter managed to escape jail time last week when a Johnson County judge sentenced her for the crime. 

Bonita Lynn Vela, 35, had pleaded guilty to battery and criminal confinement in connection to a December incident in which she held an 18-year-old man against his will and sliced his genitals. 

The judge sentenced her to 10 months home detention with GPS monitoring and an additional 6 months on probation. Vela will also be required to undergo an anger control evaluation, according to WISH-TV.   

Vela told police, during an investigation into the crime, that she had grown suspicious that the victim, who was her daughter’s boyfriend, had molested her 2-year-old son. 

Officials said Vela was believed to have confronted the man and held him, with the help of two other people, for nearly three hours before she cut him. She reportedly told him that she wanted him to see the scar every time he had sex. 

According to a December story, carried by WTSP, the victim told police that Vela was “out of control” and had asked the friends to “take him out.” He said Vela told him he would be tied to a tree, shot in the head and left for dead. But, according to the victim’s story, Vela said he could live if he allowed her to cut his penis.

According to police records, the victim said that after repeated failed attempts to draw blood by stabbing his penis with a fork, Vela found a box cutter and “cut him deep.”

He said Vela released him after he was cut.

The man, who was never named in coverage of the incident, was adamant during subsequent interviews with police that he had not molested the child. 

Police told the Indianapolis Star that Vela admitted to growing suspicious of her daughter’s boyfriend after smoking marijuana. She told authorities she was unsure if she had ingested any other drugs around the time incident occurred. 

Sources: WISH-TV, WTSP, Indianapolis Star

Photo Source: Indianapolis Star


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