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Alleged Sex Worker Accused Of Cheating Benefits System

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An English woman, who reportedly charges $200 an hour as a sex worker, has been accused of cheating the welfare system.

Sarah Tulip made a court appearance in January after accusations of drunk and disorderly behavior, according to the Daily Mail. The 38-year-old pleaded guilty, but alleged she was unable to pay the fine, which was more than $1,250.

Although she reportedly charges $200 an hour as a sex worker, she told the Scarborough Magistrates’ Court she could only afford to pay off the debt at $7 a week, since she receives government benefits.

She denies she works as a prostitute, according to The Scarborough News. She said she used to be a sex worker when she lived in London, but has since turned her life around after experiencing domestic abuse and moving in 2014.

"I do respect myself -- I wouldn’t dare sell myself -- what for?" she said.

Tulip reportedly works under the alias Lala Rose Mat and advertises her services on an international escort database. When questioned about the profile, she claimed she thought it was a website for up-and-coming models, despite having received various testimonials from alleged clients.

"I’m just using the website to put my pictures as I want to be a glamor model," she told The Scarborough News.

Tulip has been recently charged with assaulting a man in a domestic dispute. She was only required to pay an $85 fine, which will also be deducted from the benefits she receives.

"She does have a previous conviction for assault and a lengthy record but nothing related to domestic violence," said prosecutor Michael Hammond. "She still owes [$1,140] to the court which she is paying for by deductions from her benefit."

Although no reference to her work in the sex industry was made in court, Tulip allegedly spoke to security staff about her career as a sex worker.

After apologizing for the assualt, the court’s legal advisor told Tulip that she would head to jail if she kept offending.

Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, spoke of the reform needed throughout the benefit system.

"Those who defraud the benefit system not only leave taxpayers out of pocket but also take precious resources away from the most vulnerable in the society," he said. "A system which allows this to happen is in need of urgent reform."

Sources: Daily Mail, The Scarborough News (2) / Photo credit: The Scarborough News

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