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Judge Lets Casey Anthony Off The Hook From Repaying Almost $800,000 In Debt

A bankruptcy judge ruled that the notoriously innocent-ish Casey Anthony won’t have to pay back the roughly $800,000 she racked up in legal bills during her well-known murder trial. Anthony filed for bankruptcy in January.

The majority of her nearly-million dollar debt is owed to Jose Baez, the high profile defense attorney who represented her during her trial. In addition to the money Anthony owes Baez, she also owed around $200,000 to Orange County law enforcement agencies for the money they spent looking for Anthony’s daughter Caylee after she was reported missing.

In Anthony’s trial, Baez argued that Caylee never went missing and that she actually drowned on the day she was reported missing. This led Anthony to be convicted of lying to investigators, and, accordingly, she was ordered to pay back the money that Orange County agencies spent searching for her daughter.

Since Anthony won’t have to pay back this money, it likely means that Florida taxpayers will.

One thing Anthony will have to pay up for is the money she made selling videos of her daughter to national news outlets. Anthony reportedly made over $200,000 from her home video footage sales. She will be on the hook for over $80,000 in income taxes. The taxes were first assessed to Anthony in 2010, and she is yet to pay them off.

In addition to her IRS bill, Anthony may have to pay up in two on-going defamation lawsuits against her as well. A woman with the same name as a made-up nanny Anthony contrived during her trial is suing her for malicious and willful defamation. The man who first discovered Caylee’s remains is suing her for the same reasons.

Sources: Newser, WFTV


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