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Judge Judy Lets Dog Choose Owner In Court (Video)

Judge Judy Lets Dog Choose Owner In Court (Video) Promo Image

An old video clip from the Judge Judy show has resurfaced online and is going viral (video below).

The clip came from a 2012 episode of Judge Judy, the Daily Mail reported. It features a case involving two parties who claim ownership over a dog named Baby Boy.

The defendant, a woman, claims she bought the pup off the street, while the plaintiff, a man, argued that the dog actually belonged to him.

The woman argued that the dog did not belong to the man because a vet told her the pup was a different age than the man said he was. Judge Judy decided that the best way to determine who really owns the dog was to let the pup loose in the courtroom and have him decide on his own.

"Madame, listen to me carefully: Put the dog down! Put the dog down," Judge Judy tells a woman who brought the dog into the courtroom.

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When Baby Boy is placed on the floor, he immediately bypasses the woman, and sprints straight towards the man.

"That's my dog!" the man exclaims as he begins tearing up.

The woman tried arguing that the dog "does that with everyone," but Judge Judy decided that she had seen enough and ruled to let the man take the dog home

"That's all," Judge Judy said. "Take the dog home."

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"I just bought the dog from a girl who had a pit bull and said the pit bull was trying to eat it," the man said through tears during the post-court interview, according to

"That's what happens when you buy a dog for fifty bucks in front of the mall," the woman said.

Reactions among social media users were mixed. While some users felt Judge Judy got it right, others made the argument that the woman could have been telling the truth.

"Okay but like if that was my dog.. he would run up to the stranger first cause he gets excited and loves new people," wrote one YouTube user.

"If the dog 'does that to everybody' wouldn't he also be running up and down the aisles to everyone in the peanut gallery?" asked another. "So happy Baby Boy is back with his mom and dad."

"As soon as Baby Boy got close enough to his owner, he smelled him/saw him, it was like 'Dad! It's you!'" wrote another. "I'm so glad this man and his dog are reunited."

"Maybe the woman is right. But she doesnt know where the dog came from," added another user. "Maybe the dog got lost. Brought to the pound, adopted by the woman. But i'd still give it back to the guy…"

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