Judge Eugenio S. Mathis Resigns Amid Misconduct Allegations

New Mexico Judge Eugenio S. Mathis has agreed to resign after allegations of misbehavior surfaced. The poor behaviors involve his wife, a worker in the court. His resignation is part of an agreement that was approved by the state Supreme Court, Commission Director Randall Roybal said.

Roybal said the commission began petitioning for an immediate temporary suspension without pay for Mathis on Feb. 18. The commission has been negotiating with him for a permanent resignation ever since.

Mathis allegedly participated in myriad misbehaviors. The commission claims that Mathis and his wife engaged in communications and conduct of a sexual nature during the work day, reports the Alamgordo Daily News. The commission also alleges that Mathis undermined the supervision of his wife.

A letter from the commission says that Mathis let his wife conduct personal business during business hours. That “business” included shopping on the Internet and paying bills. The two also exchanged "excessive and improper instant messages" while he was presiding over trials and hearings. To make matters worse, he let her read confidential reports.

Mathis denied many of the commission’s allegations. He rejected the charge that he had engaged in "communications of a sexual nature" with his wife during the workday, "including intimations that he had or would be having sexual relations with her during the workday and/or on court premises."

A number of chat logs between Mathis and his wife were filed as part of the Judicial Standards Commission's petition to discipline Mathis. The logs show a comment where someone references making "hanky panky." Another message reads: "Don't come knocking if the jury room is rockin'.”

Source: (Alamgordo Daily News


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