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Judge Drops Charges Against Prison Guards Who Beat Handcuffed Man (Video)

Two prison guards who were caught on video beating Cortez Meadows in the Oklahoma County Jail will not face any jail time.

Meadows was arrested on December 1, 2013, for allegedly making a false 911 call. He was taken to a jail cell by two guards who handcuffed him, noted News 9 (video below).

Security cameras inside the jail showed one of the guards kicking Meadows' left side twice. Meadows' head was then pushed onto the urine-soaked cell floor. When the prison guards lifted Meadows' legs, one of the guards punched the young man's right side.

The two prison guards were fired and charged with assault and battery of an inmate.

However, the charges were dropped by a judge for reasons unknown.

Meadows plans to file a lawsuit against both guards, who were identified by News OK as former detention deputy John Jacobson and former detention officer Jose Botello.

Sources: News OK, News 9
Image Credit: News 9 Screenshot


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