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Judge David Barrett Brandishes Gun During Rape Trial

One North Georgia Judge's dramatic courtroom gesture has state authorities looking into disciplinary action.

The judge in question is David Barrett. The Georgia jurist gave the impression that he was about to mete out some southern justice when he pulled out a concealed weapon during a witness' testimony.

The witness, whose name has been withheld, was called to testify in a bond hearing for a Sheriff's deputy accused of assault and rape. Instead of listening to the testimony of a woman seeking a restraining order against her alleged rapist, the stunned courtroom watched as Judge Barrett used a loaded weapon as a prop to berate the victim/witness for behaving in an uncooperative manner on the stand.

"You're killing your case," Barrett told her.

Get it?

The prosecutor in the case didn't see the humor. She was the one who stepped in to tell the armed judge that his conduct was inappropriate. Prosecuting attorney, Andrea Conarro approached Judge Barrett and asked him to put away the weapon.

"When it happened, I objected and sought to take control of the situation," said Conarro. She later described the incident as "one of those slow motion kind of events."

Judges in Georgia are permitted to carry concealed weapons in court for personal protection, but they aren't supposed to bust them out unless they think their lives are actually in danger. Barrett may ultimately face criminal charges for the display, though none have yet been filed.


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