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Judge Compares Female Teacher Convicted Of Raping Student To 'Candy'

A judge in Pennsylvania is being blasted for comments he made during sentencing of a female teacher who had sex with a 17-year-old student.

During the trial, Montgomery County Court Judge Garrett D. Page reportedly compared 35-year-old AP calculus teacher Erica Ginnetti to an irresistible piece of candy and insinuated that it’s no surprise the student couldn’t stop himself from having sex with her.

“What young man would not jump on that candy?” Judge Page reportedly asked during court proceedings.

The comments came after Ginnetti tearfully read a letter of apology to the court and made clear that her relationship with her husband and children has improved. Ginnetti also told the judge that she has started a new career as a fitness instructor.

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Despite the backlash against him, Judge Page made clear that Ginnetti’s apology didn’t make her crime acceptable.

“One bad day because of sexual hunger has resulted in all this avalanche of harm,” Page noted before sentencing the 35-year-old to 30 days behind bars. “Life is not fair. I don't believe you're a bad human being. You did a bad act. So I have to punish you.”

Some have criticized Page’s candy comments, while others appear to agree with the point of his statement.

“What young women would not want to kick that judge in the nads for his asinine comment?” one commenter wrote.

“Sorry, but after seeing some photos of Erica, and having been 17 myself, I have to agree with the judge on this one,” another admitted.

Do you think the judge’s comments went too far?

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