Judge Carol Draper Tells Inmate Jorge Garcia to Stop 'Grabbing the Penis Routine' (Video)


Inmate Jorge Garcia was recently rebuked by Judge Carol Draper in an Osceola County, Florida court for his “grabbing the penis routine” (video below).

According to News 13, Garcia grabbed his crotch (on top of this clothing) when he approached the judge during his bond hearing.

“Oh, stop with the grabbing the penis routine,” ordered a disgusted Judge Draper.

Before a court translator could finish telling Garcia what Judge Draper said, he smiled, reports RawStory.com.

“He understood that one. I’m concerned about what you do and don’t understand," Draper said.

Before he left the court, Garcia was given a second warning by Judge Draper to “stop grabbing at yourself.”

Sources: News 13 and RawStory.com


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