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Judge Bryant Cochran Had Sheriff's Deputies Plant Drugs in Woman's Car

A judge in Georgia is accused of ordering police to plant drugs and make a false arrest of a woman who had accused him of sexual harassment. 

The woman was a primary witness in a suit with several other women who were accusing former Judge Bryant Cochran of sexual harassment. 

Angela Garmley accused Cochran of propositioning her in exchange for a "favorable ruling" in a case that he was working on. She said the conversation happened in the judge's chambers when they were alone. 

Garmley said he asked for her phone number and harassed her with text messages and phone calls. She said he also asked her for sexual favors and nude pictures.

She eventually sent him a picture of herself in her underwear but later contacted an attorney about his harassment. 

Once she made her claims public, numerous female employees of the Murray County Court stepped forward with similar stories, including Yesenia Galvan, Virginia Rector and Sonya Petty. 

The employees said that Cochran made inappropriate comments about their breasts and touched them, made lewd jokes and intimidated women with sexual advances.

He has since resigned from his position but still faces lawsuits about his misconduct. 

Garmley believes Cochran had Murray County Sheriff's deputies plant the methamphetamine in her car so that her credibility as a witness would be lowered. 

After the Georgia Bureau of Investigation looked over the case, they revealed that the drugs were planted in her car by sheriff's deputies. She was arrested for drug possession but the charges were dropped. 

Two deputies have been fired after the investigation.

Garmley now seeks damages for civil rights violations, emotional distress and negligence. 

Sources: Inquisitr, Courthouse News


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