Judge Belvin Perry Says Casey Anthony Was 'Manipulative'

Two years after the Casey Anthony trial, the presiding Judge Belvin Perry revealed that there were two sides to the woman who made national headlines.

"There was the side that was before the jury, where she portrayed the role of a mother who had lost a child,” he said, “and then you could notice the change and transformation in her when the jury went out.”

Perry described her as commanding, often scolding her attorneys and yelling profanities in the holding cell. He recalled an attorney suggesting that Anthony was incompetent to proceed.

When the verdict was delivered, Perry reread the decision is disbelief. He believed there was enough evidence to sustain a verdict of murder in the first degree.

Perry credits Anthyon’s lawyer Jose Baez with persuading the jury otherwise.

"The state had better lawyers, but Mr. Baez was very personable,'' Perry said. "He came across as someone that you would like."

Anthony filed for bankruptcy in January, listing almost $1 million in debt. Zenaida Gonzalez and Roy Kronk, who filed suits separately against her, plan to argue that their cases be exempt from discharge.

“Justice will finally be served on day by the judge of judges.” Perry said. Until then, “she'll have to live with this for the rest of her life.”

Sources: Orlando Sentinel, Today


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