Judge Accused of Punishing Woman for Refusing Facebook Request (Video)

The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission charged Sanford, Fla., Judge Linda Schoonover with more than a dozen examples of improper behavior on Aug. 25.

The commission said Judge Schoonover exhibited a "pattern of behavior which is inexplicable, appears to demonstrate instability and is disruptive."

In one of those incidents, Judge Schoonover was ruling over a divorce case between Sandra Chace and Robert Loisel Jr.

Judge Schoonover reportedly sent Chace a Facebook "friend" request during the court case.

After Chase refused the Facebook request, Judge Schoonover ordered Chace to pay "excessive alimony" to Loisel, noted WESH (video below).

Chace has since taken her divorce case to an appeals court, which ruled that she would get a new civil trial.

According to Chace's attorney, Schoonover also communicated with Lake Mary Commissioner Jo Ann Lucarelli on Facebook during her divorce case.

Judge Schoonover is claiming via her lawyer Gregory Eisenmenger that because the Judicial Qualifications Commission dropped three allegations from its final charges against her, all of the charges should be dropped and the commission should have to start the investigation over, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

The commission also claims that Judge Schoonover installed a camera in her chambers because she thought courthouse workers were secretly trying to bug her office.

However, the commission found that contractors were doing heating and air conditioning work in an area above her ceiling.

Sources: WESH, Orlando Sentinel (Image Credit: Media Handout)


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