Joy Behar: Trump Is Holding Melania 'Hostage'


Daytime talk show hosts have commented on first lady Melania Trump's handling of her new role. Several of them contend the wife of President Donald Trump has been reluctant to take on the duties of the position so far. 

The comments are founded on the fact that the first lady and the couple's son, Barron Trump, 10, still live in New York City while the president lives in the White House by himself. The couple have controversially decided Melania and Barron will stay in New York until the boy finishes his school year in the city.

Comedian Joy Behar, co-host of daytime show "The View," criticized the first couple on air on March 14. She spoke of the president holding the first lady "hostage" within their marriage and claimed the relationship is just for show, the International Business Times reports. 

Donald has "got [Melania] as, like, a hostage up in this Trump Tower," she said on the show.

"She's like Rapunzel," she added. "Let down your hair, Melania!"

The comedian further contrasted the couple's relationship with that of former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama. 

"Compare them to the Obamas, who looked like they loved each other. I don't believe these two. I don't buy it," she said. Audience members loudly applauded her comment, with a few shouting, "Free Melania!"

Behar hosts "The View" along with a number of other comedians and celebrities.  

The co-host's comments are in line with a growing controversial opinion, held both by certain members of the public and the media, that Melania is unhappy with her husband and is trapped in her marriage.

According to Oxygen, Twitter followers took note of how Trump, getting out of a limousine to greet the Obamas at the White House, did not politely wait for Melania. This act was in contrast to Barack waiting for Michelle on a similar occasion.

There have also been tweeted pictures of Melania exhibiting a cast-down face while sitting next to her husband. This, in addition to a video clip of her smiling then putting on a "death mask" when he turns away from her during the inauguration.

As a result, "Free Melania!" has been a frequent remark on social media.   

"This makes me really sad, I genuinely feel bad for her. He doesn't appreciate her and she doesn't seem happy at all," one user tweeted when Trump greeted the Obamas without waiting for his wife at the White House in January. 

Another Twitter user wrote: "Melania's face while dancing with Trump reminds me of the first time I went to the gynecologist."

Sources: International Business Times, Oxygen / Photo credit: Pvt. Gabriel Silva U.S. Army/Wikimedia Commons

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