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Journey Co-Founder Angered By Bandmates' Trump Visit (Photo)

Journey Co-Founder Angered By Bandmates' Trump Visit (Photo) Promo Image

Journey guitarist and co-founder Neal Schon has complained on social media after his bandmates met with President Donald Trump without him.

The band met with the president and took pictures with him in June, NewsMax reports. 

On June 27, current Journey lead singer Arnel Pineda posted a link to Facebook showing the group with White House staff members.

Schon took to Twitter to express his outrage at his bandmates, who were also rumored to have wanted to tour with Schon. The guitarist posted a series of outraged tweets discussing the incident.

"How would you feel if you found out that the rest of the band wanted to tour without me?" tweeted Schon, according to Spin. "I've always been 100% JRNY and made the right choices."

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"They will not tour with Journey name. Trust me. I've spent way too long building to give up the brand... F**king insane," he added. "It is a serious try at hijacking JRNY."

"This is no sweat," he wrote. "Now that I know what I suspected was 100% on point. I'll rebuild and play it all with new added musical adventure."

"Even if I objected," Schon added, "I should have been told by any band member or management. I started and brought in all these guys. Lame."

"I don't deserve this bs I will cut it all out like cancer," posted Schon. "Too f-ing toxic to live in."

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He added that he was "not stirring the pot," adding: "It's now time for the truth all I have endured this year, enough is enough. Exposing any abusive, malicious behavior."

Schon said that he was neutral on Trump, and his point was that the band had previously stayed away from politics and religion. He added that the band had received offers to meet with the Obamas and declined.

"Everybody's entitled to like and believe what they want but when we've had this discussion many, many times it was always a no [White House.] All know," said Schon.

"Arranged photo op against what we've all stood for up until two years ago [when] Jon [Cain] changed radically," he added. "And then on top of it the stories that have stemmed from their visit say JOURNEY was there. Like I don't exist. I brought all these guys in."

Cain is married to Trump's personal minister, Paula White, who leads the president's evangelical advisory board.

On Aug. 5, Schon said that he is "not angry anymore just strong and determined to continue to protect our legacy," according to Variety.

Sources: Variety, Spin, NewsMax / Featured Image: Greg2600/Flickr / Embedded Images: Arnel Pineda/Facebook via Spin, Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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